Who are we?

We are few guys, who love spending most of our free time on good movies, tv series, documentaries and also from time to time sports events.  

Why we made this blog?

Beside our addiction for watching movies tv series sport, some of us also noticed that we very often talk and ask eachother on what site we watched the movie or sometimes even make debate on what streaming site is best to watch (have the best offer in general). We do not always agreed for many sites, and here was born the idea of collecting all of the sites that we in some point have used for watching  movies, tv shows/series, documentaries, sport and together to rank them. By doing this we wanted to help, primarily us but in some point we decide to make a blog and help everyone or at least to give you starting point in your search for streaming site.

What are our plans?

We already made posts where we rank best streaming sites for watching movies, tv shows/series, documentaries and Sports and do not plan to stop here. On a contrary we are now just starting, our plan is continuously to update our lists of streaming sites and we will always tend to have the best streaming sites on them. This is our primary focus in this blog but we will also make some other post that will or will not focus on streaming but will be interesting or helpful at least for some of you.

Our mission

To make this blog best community or place for finding and sharing streaming sites.